Idenfo provides out of the box modular configurable solution

  • Affordable
  • Easy to Integrate
  • Cutting edge technology
  • Regulatory updates based on horizon scanning
  • Comprehensive data model
  • End to End

ID Verification

Name Screening

Risk Rating


Periodic Review

Trigger Review

How Idenfo keeps you safe as you on-board new clients

  • Simplifying KYC and AML risk management at on-boarding
  • Create frictionless journeys for your clients
  • Allows you to focus on your high risk customers via exception handling
  • Data exchange through API lowers cost and time to integrate

On Line Onboarding

  • Online digital channels
  • With relationship managers in branches

ID Verification

  • OCR data extraction
  • OCR machine learning
  • Live detection tracking
  • Facial Recognition

Sanctions and Name Screening

  • List Integration
  • Fuzzy and Secondary matching
  • PEP Screening
  • Sanction Screening

Prohibition Engine

Idenfo prohibition engine


Risk Rating Engine

Proprietary Idenfo risk rating engine


Idenfo Exception Handling

Highest risk results reviewed by banks’ compliance team


Existing Clients

  • All existing clients of the bank

Sanctions and Name Screening

  • Incremental Monthly Scans
  • Configurable List Management

Idenfo Risk Rating Engine

  • Dynamic risk rating updates
  • Document expiry checks
  • Scheduling and Management based on Risk Rating

Idenfo Periodic Review Module

  • Scheduling and Management based on Risk Rating

Idenfo Trigger Review Module

Alerts based on customer behaviours and data changes


Idenfo Exception Handling

Highest risk results reviewed by banks’ compliance team

How Idenfo keeps you safe by enabling world class portfolio management

  • Simplifying KYC and AML risk management of your portfolio
  • Risk Rating engine periodically identifies high risk population
  • Case management to allow audited reviews for enhanced due diligence
  • Integrated Adverse Media module
  • Changes in customer behaviour or circumstances will trigger review

Platform Features

Integrated on-boarding with comprehensive data model enabling seamless integration
Platform-as-a-Service with the entire stack available via the Cloud or as an on-premise solution
Full alignment with latest global and national regulations to ensure compliance
Full suite of built-in reports and charts to enable both macro and micro MI review as well as meeting regulatory requirements
Full training provided as part of consultancy service to ensure solution fits into wider bank AML processes
Built in tools to aid AML investigations across all name screening, risk rating and document verification functions
Highly sophisticated configuration engine enabling institutions to create bespoke and flexible risk based approach

Benefits of an Integrated Platform

Operational Efficiency

Reduce siloed working in the bank as a single system brings together ID&V, name screening, CDD operations and transaction monitoring teams


Improves effectiveness, applying up to date local and global regulations as well as the auditability and replicability from working with a securely stored structured database

Knowledge Transfer

Comprehensive training and consultancy embeds knowledge throughout the bank

Workflow Management

Improves exception controls when money laundering is detected as well as enabling straight through processing where appropriate

Cost Efficiency

Reduces operational, technology and compliance costs

Business Development

Increases marketing and management opportunity with comprehensive MI reports and charts