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Providing a full suite of compliance solutions and services

Our consultants work with financial institutions to increase crime fighting capability, seed a sustainable compliance culture and ensure processes are aligned with the latest regulatory expectations.
Our platform is suitable for all financial institutions. It is a pre-defined but configurable, modular solution that is affordable, easy to integrate, offers best in class protection, has a comprehensive data model and most importantly is holistic.
Our managed service solution provides efficient compliance operations leading to a reduction in the cost of compliance with an enhanced customer experience resulting in improved financial crime risk management

Why Idenfo

  • We cover all Compliance requirements (KYC, name screening, identity verification) holistically. We have not just cherry picked a few simple requirements – Idenfo is designed to provide compliance support throughout the customer lifecycle
  • Our team has extensive expertise in Compliance and a proven track record in delivering financial crime transformations at scale in multiple financial institutions. This includes managing system upgrades, tuning systems and handling oper ational processes.
  • Our consulting experts are continuously monitoring the evolving regulatory landscape. Concurrently we can assess the current state compliance situation and provide a clear gap analysis with what needs to be done.
  • We have built a platform upon which machine learning and artificial learning can incrementally grow and develop while ensuring that core global and country requirements continue to be adhered to. We also use API technology to enable simple IT maintenance – no longer is there a need for costly integrations

Idenfo covers all your compliance needs.


Our advisory service specialises in uplifting AML and CFT Programmes


Idenfo is an out-of-the box modular and configurable solution.


A Centre of Excellence for Compliance


June 28, 2021

A Mythical Legend (AML) story Download PDF

By Duncan Edwards, Senior Advisor Once upon a time because that’s how all the best fairy tales begin, there was this financial institution (FI) that thought they knew everything and…
April 18, 2021

An opportunity to recover, adapt and advance

By Duncan Edwards Senior Advisor Here at Idenfo, not only do we create and sell leading edge on-boarding and anti-money laundering systems, but we also provide process risk and assurance…
February 21, 2021

NCCPL and Idenfo webinar on Digital Onboarding and AML for Investors

NCCPL and Idenfo conducted a comprehensive Webinar on digital onboarding and AML for investors. The webinar focused on providing crucial information to market participants followed by a detailed Q&A session.…

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